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  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Faculty of Medicine of Alicante with an average score of 2.41, (1987-1993).
  • Internal student of the chair of Surgical Pathology at the Hospital San Juan de Alicante (Prof. J. Medrano Heredia).
  • Getting the square MIR (2,078), of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in 1994.
  • PhD courses (1994-1995) of Anatomy and Surgical Pathology at the Faculty of Alicante.
  • Video Award in recognition of the higher-Surgical Scientific-Educational Content in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Communication-Video: “Orthognathic Surgery: Osteotomy combined maxillomandibular” in the V National Congress of Video-Surgery in Alicante.
  • Member of the Board of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery during the period 1997 / 1998.Presidente Board: Dr. José María Serra Renom.


  • Hospital Intensive Care Unit (4 months).
  • Traumatology and Orthopedics (4 months).
  • General Surgery (3 months).
  • Vascular surgery (2 months).
  • Otolaryngology (2.5 months).
  • Dermatology (1 month).



  • Maxillo-facial surgery (4 months), Hospital San Juan of Alicante.
  • Plastic surgery and maxillo-facial (3 months), Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.
  • Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Princes of Spain, (Bellvitge): vascular microsurgery.
  • Institut Vila-Rovira: Unit Hair Aesthetics.
  • Tres Torres Clinic: Laser Unit (Dr. Brualla).
  • Quirón Clinic: Department of Plastic Surgery (Dr JM Serra Renom).


  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (16/3 / 97- 18/4/97), Canniesburn Hospital in Glasgow (Scotland).
  • Attendance at sessions and clinical surgery in cleft lip and cleft palate made by plastic surgeons DIF (Integral Family Development), Dr. Zenteno. Baltierra, in Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico).
  • The DIF is a unit of cleft lip and cleft palate consists of plastic surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, instrumentalist, pediatrician, speech therapist, speech therapist, ENT and orthodontist who meet weekly to a clinic session that will heal the newly operated and It is reviewed and controlled others.



  • General Surgery Seminar XI: colorectal cancer. Alicante.
  • First International Workshop on Congenital Malformations in Plastic, Alicante Surgery.
  • Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Princes of Spain, (Bellvitge): vascular microsurgery.
  • III Hispano-Luso Congress of Plastic Surgery, Alicante-
  • VII National Congress of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Alicante.
  • II International Symposium of Aesthetic Surgery, Alicante.


  • X Congress of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Zurich.
  • First International Symposium on the prevention and treatment of burns, Leon.
  • XII International Seminar of General Surgery Stomach cancer, current state.


  • IX mini-conference of Pathology and Therapeutics. Alicante.
  • 1991 Summer courses at the Complutense University of Facial Plastic Surgery, San Lorenzo del Escorial.
  • Course of micro-vascular and nerve surgery.
  • Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Hospital of Navarra under the direction of Prof. JM Serra Renom.


  • Theoretical and practical course of CPR, Alicante.
  • VI Annual Meeting of the Section of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation (Spanish Society of Cardiology), Alicante.
  • XV International Seminar of General Surgery: Surgery and Laparoscopic short stay, Alicante.
  • XL Instructional Course on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. (ISAPS), Alicante.


  • USA-EUROPE SYMPOSIUM SATELLITE- for Plastic Surgeons, Advances in breast reconstruction, Munich.
  • VII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Microsurgery, Barcelona.
  • Plastic Surgery Course on Occupational Pathology. Medical College of Alicante.


  • Rhinoplasty Course Planas Clinic in Barcelona.
  • I International Course of Endoscopy in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.
  • I Course Multidisciplinary Surgical Pathology Skull-oromaxilofacial and Plastic. Doctorate in Alicante.
  • Cancer Week XXVIII. AECC of Alicante.
  • Perspectives in plastic surgery of the breast, Barcelona.
  • New aspects of facial rejuvenation. Conference Dr. Antonio de la Fuente at the College of Physicians of Alicante.
  • Meeting A.E.C.E. Orihuela lecturing Dr. Francisco Javier Ojeda (Mexico) (1º The problem nose, 2º Silicone Implants)


  • XIX International Seminar of General Surgery: Breast cancer, Alicante.
  • Orthognathic surgery course for postgraduates, Alicante.


  • PRACTICAL COURSE THE FLAP Canniesburn. Glasgow, Scotland.
  • XXXII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Barcelona.
  • II Instructional Course for MIR Cosmetic Surgery Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty. Barcelona.
  • V National Congress Videosurgery XX International Seminar and General Surgery. Alicante.
  • Update on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Alicante.


  • XXXIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Valencia, 14 to 16 May.
  • Microsurgery course Vascular and nervous. Hospital General Yagüe, Burgos June 8 to 12
  • III Instructional Course of Aesthetic Surgery. Body remodeling. University Health Care Ciutat de Bellvitge, Barcelona October 21 to 23.


  • XII International Course of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Clínica Planas. Barcelona June 7 to 10, 2000.


  • Fourth Symposium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Teknon Medical Center. Barcelona 29-31 March 2001.
  • XXXVI Congress of the Spanish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Palma de Mallorca 24-27 April 2001.


  • III International Course. Advances in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. Barcelona, 28-30 June 2002.
  • I Antiaging course of rejuvenation. Barcelona June 27, 2002.


  • Aesthetic Surgery of the Face Aging Symposium, 20 to 22 November 2003 sponsored by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throad Hospital. Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Nueva York.
  • IV scientific conference on the AECEP face lift APTOS thread


  • Advances in periorbital rejuvenation and aesthetic medicine. AECEP Madrid.
  • XV Congress of the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILACP) and XXXIX Congress of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE) surgery. Seville, 7-11 May 2004.


  • The Aesthetic Meeting “Sailing into the future”, San Diego, USA.


  • American Congress of Plastic Surgery. Las Vegas, USA.


  • XVIII Congress FILACP. Panama.
  • ISAPS – 20th Congress – San Francisco, CA – August 14 to 18 2010.


  • XII Congress of the SECPRECV. Alicante, Spain.



  • IX mini-conference of Pathology and Therapeutics. Alicante
  • Characteristics of medical and surgical care demand in 2000 in the province of Alicante.
  • Epidemiology of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Contraception and ectopic pregnancy.
  • Diagnostic problems in ectopic pregnancy.
  • Reflacción automated in the radial keratotomy.


  • X Congress of students of the Faculty of Alicante medicinade.
  • Utility and Doppler echocardiography in the diagnosis of infectious endocarditis in IDUs with febrile syndrome.
  • Reconstruction after excision of nasal tumors.


  • Scientific Meeting “A Century of Plastic Surgery” organized by the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit of Hospital Universitario La Fe in Valencia.
  • Multiple adnexal tumors scalp. Presentation of two observations: 1. cylindromas, 2. pilomatricomas in patients with myotonic dystrophy of Steinert.
  • Burn VIII Course in Madrid: Critical aspects of keratinocyte cultures.
  • VIII National Congress of the SECPRE (Santiago de Compostela), Protocol breast implants: volume and type of prosthesis, New dynamics in plasties glandular breast ptosis.


  • I Course of university specialist in underwater and hyperbaric medicine in Alicante: skin grafts difficult viability.
  • XIX International Seminar of General Surgery: Dorsi as a method of breast reconstruction, breast reconstruction by tissue expansion, bilateral breast reconstruction with two flaps.


XXXII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery:
1. Breast augmentation with implants.
2. neurocutaneous flaps in reconstruction of the leg.
3. Flaps reverse flow in the extremities.
4. Reconstruction of the ear following trauma.

V National Congress of Videosurgery:
1. Orthognathic Surgery maxillo mandibular osteotomy combined.
2. Breast augmentation endoscopically.
3. Breast reduction with short vertical scar.
4. saphenous island flap reconstruction of distal base of the leg.
5. Reconstruction headset with rib cartilage in a case of traumatic amputation.
6. chondrosarcoma chest wall.


XXXIII National Congress of the SECPRE in Valencia:
1. Review of alveolar osteogenesis after periostoplasty cracks.
2. adjacent island flap in the treatment of tumors of the nose, (Presentation).


  • “Surgery of the nasal tip” Plastic Surgery 1992; Vol II: p. 431. U.T. Hinderer.
  • “Toxic epidermal necrolysis: Report of two pediatric cases.” An Esp Pediatr 1996; 45: 71-75.
  • “Nasal dermoid sinus. Report of a case. ” An Esp Pediatr 1996; 45: 533-535.
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  • “Surgery of the nasal tip” Official Journal of the Medical Association of Alicante.
  • “Our experience with neurocutaneous flap of distally based sural artery and saphenous artery proximal base in rebuilding leg” Plastic .Cirugía Ibero-Latin American 1998.24 (2), pág.177-184.
  • Collaboration in the publication of an “Atlas of fasciocutaneous flaps for reconstruction of the leg,” proposed by the board of the SECPRE chaired by Dr. César Pérez Casado.
  • “High chondrosarcoma chest wall” .Cir. Esp 1999.

From 1993 to 2000 Dr. Tafalla Clinic under the personal supervision of Dr. Tafalla Peña-
From 2000 onwards as the only plastic surgeon Dr. Clinic Tafalla made countless interventions of any anatomical body part, having the largest casuistry buttock implants in Alicante and being the first to put a pec implants in a male in the same city .
From 2001 until March 2006 as a plastic surgeon at the Medical Center in Murcia VITAE
In 2002 the Aquarium consultation Beniarbeig (Alicante) Clinic.
Between the years 2003-2005 DORSIA plastic surgeon cosmetic clinics with consultation in Alicante and Elche.
Since 2005 Professor of “Liposuction – Liposuction: Latest Developments” in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona.
Professor of surgery of cleft lip and palate as well as Member of the NGO Surgeons Plastikos Mundi. Hospital Kilimanjaro (Moshi). Tanzania. March 2005 and January 2006
From 16/01/2012 Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon and Clinical Center in Madrid Menorca.
From 17/01/2012 Aestethic Plastic Surgeon in Alicante, Madrid and Marbella